„14 Fragen in 140 Zeichen“ mit Alvaro Dominguez – english version

Borussia Mönchengladbachs Alvaro Dominguez im Twinterview mit DerWesten. Foto: Borussia
Borussia Mönchengladbachs Alvaro Dominguez im Twinterview mit DerWesten. Foto: Borussia

Schon im Trainingslager von Borussia Mönchengladbach am Tegernsee habe ich kurz mit Andreas Cüppers von der Gladbacher Presseabteilung über twitternde Fußballer in Reihen der Borussia gesprochen – viele Spieler der Fohlen haben allerdings diese Kommunikationsform im sozialen Netz noch nicht für sich entdeckt – leider. Harvard Nortdtveit ist einer von ihnen, der Account von Granit Xhaka entpuppte sich als Fake (( weshalb ich hier auch auf den Link verzichte)) und dann bleibt noch Neuzugang Alvaro Dominguez aus Spanien. Mit dem Innenverteidiger der Borussia habe ich mich virtuell zum Interview verabredet und mit ihm ein „Twinterview“ gemacht – das zwölfte in dieser Serie und das erste auf Englisch.

14 Fragen in 140 Zeichen – Twinterview mit Alvaro Dominguez von Gladbach

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, the capital of Spain with „sol o sombra“ – what things do miss in Gladbach?

Alvaro Dominguez: I really don’t miss anything yet. I have been only 2 months here, but I liked very much the food in Madrid.

With Martínez, Calvente, Carvajal & you there are four new spaniard in the Bundesliga. Why is this league attractive to you?

Dominguez: I think the Bundesliga is very well organised and the facilities you have here in Germany you can’t find it elsewhere! … the stadiums are great, and fans are allways supporting you, which is very nice feeling

Has Raúl been a kind of „door opener“ for spanish players to play in Germany? Did you talked to him before signing @Borussia?

Dominguez: I talked to Jurado and Diego before coming to Germany and they encouraged me to come here. I think i made a good decision.

What leads you to this decision? Please compare the two football-teams – what are the pros and cons of Atlético and Gladbach?

Dominguez: I wanted to experiment other things such as living in another country, learning other languages and playing in the Bundesliga… Gladbach has very good supporters like Atletico and both are 2 traditional clubs in their respective leagues.I like both very much

Talking about the language – how does the communication with your new teammates work? Does anyone speak spanish in the team?

Dominguez: Yes, Arango and De Camargo speak spanish, but I speak in english with the others. They speak good english and this makes it easier.

And how is your german? Your job is to replace Dante, the darling of the public @Borussia. Is it hard to follow in his huge footsteps?

Dominguez: My German is „sehr gut“ 🙂 I know he was the darling of the public but I will put 100% effort to replace him the best I can.

Some newspapers called you „Dominator Dominguez“. Can you describe your strengths and the things you have to work on?

Dominguez: I am 23 and of course I have to work on many things but I think I have experience in international games inspite my age… I try to be agressive in the pitch and try to make good passes for the strikers when we have the ball

You know how to win the UEFA Europa League‚ cause you won it twice with Atlético. Do you bring a kind of international winning mentality to Borussia?

Dominguez: I hope so! It will not be easy but we have a good team to reach high in the competition. International games are tough but fun.

You played for Gladbach in the CL-Playoff-match vs Dynamo Kiew. Objectively a disappointing experience. What’s the lesson you’ve learned?

Dominguez: In my opinion we didn’t deserve to loose the game but this is football.we have to learn from this for the next international games.

Vicente del Bosque is „el seleccionador“ of the Spanish squad – have you already invited him to Gladbach to see you play?

Dominguez: He is invited when ever he wants. i hope he sees many bundesliga matches this year 🙂

You played twice at „La Furia Roja“ – but with Ramos und Pique there are national-cup-heroes in the squad playing your position…

Dominguez: They are very good players but I will never give up. I will try to do my best in Gladbach and then we will see what happens.

Is del Bosque a Coach, who notices spanish players in other leagues? What’s his opinion of the Bundesliga?

Dominguez: Spanish players are moving more often to England and Germany. of course he will get interested in his „foreign“ players

Maybe he follows you on Twitter 😉 Is your Twitter-account a medium to communicate with you motherland? Or is it just fun?

Dominguez: Of course its a medium to comunicate with spanish people wich always treated me very nicely and also i can say it is fun 🙂

In Germany the clubs are kind of strict with Twitter, Facebook and Co. How does social media work @Atlético de Madrid? cc @Atleti

Dominguez: Players should know what they can publish in twitter. they believed in the responsibility of the players.


Das komplette Interview gibt es auch hier noch mal nachzulesen – übersetzt:

Dominguez lädt Spaniens Nationaltrainer nach Gladbach ein
Alvaro Dominguez muss selbst zwischen zwei Trainingeinheiten „ran“. Der Spanier von Borussia Mönchengladbach spricht im Interview via Twitter über seinen neuen Verein, die Nationalmannschaft und das Aus in den Champions-League-Playoffs. „Wir werden aus den Fehlern lernen“, ist sich Dominguez sicher. weiterlesen…

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